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Kaden Fitzgerald

As a ceramic artist, I am deeply inspired by simple houseware designs from the mid-century that allow the function of materials to influence form and design. This creates an intention to create thoughtfully crafted pieces that become an anchor point for daily home rituals.

Color theory is an essential part of my process. I am fascinated by the ways in which different hues interact with one another, and how color can influence the mood and energy of a space. Though I appreciate the timelessness in mid-century designs, the pieces I’ve made that I am most proud of utilize color to depict playful aspects of more modern eras to bring a sense of home and nostalgia for a younger generation.

As part of my artistic practice, I allow myself to explore different making methods in a range of different clay bodies. This can take me from periods of wheel throwing or hand building, each with a focus on creating simple, durable, and functional pieces. The design stage is where I consider placement of color fields as they relate to form and silhouette. I then get to play with the ceramic materials and glazes to bring a contrasting range of textures and colors to each piece. This may be in the form of leaving clay unglazed to highlight it’s natural color and texture, applying vibrant underglazes for a pop of color, or utilizing glossy glazes against sections of matte finishes for tactility.

Ultimately, the goal in my work and my process is to connect to the endless possibilities of clay as a medium for art, craft and design. Ceramics stand the test of time if made to be durable, and it’s that longevity that inspires me to create pottery people will want in their homes over multiple generations.


Kaden Fitzgerald (they/them) is a Mexican-American artist born in Providence, Rhode Island. Kaden spent their high school years in Plano, TX, where they studied art and found ceramics as their main medium at Collin College. They then went on to live in Northern California, where they continued to pursue more self-guided education and work in ceramics. Kaden currently lives in Bentonville, Arkansas, where they work as an Instructor and Studio Manager for Fifth Street Studio. Their work is guided by their passion for functional pottery and accessibility in ceramics.

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