Sunday, July 21st — 12:00am

Drop 006 Closing Day


IN DEPTH, MIXD Gallery’s first-ever photography exhibit, showcases the work of nine artists, and in focusing on what they see, or what they have chosen to show us, it turns the lens back on them revealing something about who they are and what they have to say. As viewers, we are part of this creative exchange. Photographers are our eyes to the world, taking us to places we’ve never been and introducing us to people we’ve never met. They encourage us to look, then look again. They invite us to stay, to linger, to think, to feel. They expose us to parts of their world and in doing so they make our world bigger and better. Drop 006 is an IN DEPTH look at the world around us and within us.

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Creative Direction by Anna E. Cottrell

Design by Blake Chamberlain Creative

Development by Andrew Brewer & Happy Design